Pristine Raises $5.4 Million For Google Glass Healthcare Apps


Austin, TX-based Pristine announces a $5.4 million Series A round led by S3 Ventures, with additional participation from Capital Factory, HealthFundr, and a group of strategic clients. The round, combined with its earlier $500,000 seed round, brings the 18-month old startups total funding level to $6 million.

Pristine was an early contender in the race to capitalize on the hype surrounding Google Glass and introduce the form factor to healthcare. Pristine’s flagship product is called EyeSight, an app that allows a Glass wearer to broadcast their view to an unlimited number of other devices over a secure, HIPAA-compliant connection. This platform is finding a home in a variety of care settings. EMS personnel are using it to give ER physicians an opportunity to assess patients as they are in route to the hospital. Surgeons are using it as a training aid, transmitting a live view of the procedure from the surgeon’s point of view to a classroom of students as an operation takes place. Rural hospitals are able to connect remotely with specialists to get a second opinion on a variety of conditions.

As one would expect, Google Glass is not secure enough for use in healthcare without some customization. Pristine strips each headset down to its bare bones and then loads a custom Glass operating system that restricts the devices ability to share information outside of its secure channels. Pristine’s enhancements also add encryption to the video stream prior to transmission.

There are several other startups working to bring Glass applications to healthcare, though none actually overlap from a functionality point of view. Augmedix is working on a clinical documentation app that brings a medical transcriptionist into the exam room to transcribe the meeting in real time. Wearable Intelligence, which itself just announced an $8 million round, is working on Glass apps for a variety of industries. In healthcare, Wearable Intelligence is working with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to improve physician workflows in the ER.

Pristine will use the new funding to expand its R&D, sales, marketing, and operations teams, and prepare for growth within the healthcare industry.

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