Propeller Health Adds Two New Devices To Its Lineup


Madison, WI-based digital health startup Propeller Health has secured FDA clearance for two new devices designed to help asthmatic patients log their symptoms and track medication adherence. Propeller Health launched in 2010 with its flagship product, a sensor that attaches to an asthma inhaler that captures time and location information each time a patient uses their inhaler, plotting this information on a map to help users identify geographical triggers for asthma attacks. Based solely on the potential of its initial product, the company raised $28 million in VC funding, culminating in a $14 million Series B in September 2014.

Now, Propeller Health is introducing two new FDA-cleared devices to its portfolio.  In a September 2014 interview with HIStalk Connect, CEO David Van Sickle alluded to the possibility that new devices were on the horizon for Propeller, explaining that “We have sensors for metered-dose inhalers, but there’s a variety of other types of inhaled medications on the market, including ones that come in form factors that we can’t currently adapt, so we’re hard at work building a full line of sensors that will accommodate the majority of those inhaled medications.” Since that interview, the company has developed and secured clearance for two new devices to meet these goals .

The two new devices will now allow Propeller Health to capture medication usage data for asthma and COPD patients using a dry powder inhaler, as well as COPD patients using Boehringer Ingelheim’s Respimat inhaler. The new devices will allow Propeller Health to target millions of new patients taking asthma and COPD medications that it was unable to support with its flagship device. In 2014, physicians wrote 14 million prescriptions for Advair, a dry powder inhaled medication that makes up 54 percent of the total market for inhaled corticosteroid products.

With two new devices ready for market entry, and a productive year behind it, it would be reasonable to expect a Series C announcement in the coming months for Propeller Health as it prepares to scale its operations to introduce the new devices to the market.

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