Qualcomm Launches Mobile Gateway and SDK for its 2net Platform

9-4-2013 10-09-44 PM

Qualcomm announces the launch of a new mobile component to its 2net Platform. 2net is an integration platform designed to capture information from medical devices and integrate the information with pertinent 3rd party solutions, such as EMRs, patient portals, and population health solutions.

The new addition to the platform, called 2net Mobile, allows a patient’s smartphone to replace a previously required wireless hub in the patient’s home. Now, a patient’s smartphone can be setup to wirelessly receive data from connected medical devices, and live stream that information to the 2net platform over a HIPAA-compliant connection.

In addition to the new mobile connection option, Qualcomm also announced a new mobile software developers kit (SDK) that will house medical information in a library stored locally on the smartphone, and then grant 3rd party developers access to that data for seamless integration with mHealth apps.

The enhancements represent a significant step forward for Qualcomm’s 2net platform because they can now more effectively market to mHealth app developers, rather than focusing primarily on the larger enterprise customers that currently make up its customer base.

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