Qualcomm Launches Wireless Health Network in Europe


Qualcomm Technologies, announces today during the International Telecare & Telehealth Conference, that it has received approval to expand its 2net Platform into the European market. 2net is a cloud-based interface engine that provides interoperability solutions between mobile health devices and electronic health record systems, portals, data repositories and health apps.

"We have a number of customers in Europe and the U.S. who want to extend their mobile health solutions in multiple regions around the world, and they need to provide a reliable service that is not impacted by geographic boundaries," – Rick Valencia, VP of Qualcomm Life.

The platform is FDA regulated as a Class I Medical Device Data System and required initial approval as a Class I Medical Device in Europe before an announcement could be made.

Early customers include Cystelcom, a software engineering company that has embedded 2net interfacing into its mHealthAlert solution. mHealthAlert provides the secure connectivity needed to enable a complete end-to-end home monitoring aimed at earlier intervention for patients with chronic conditions, thus reducing admission and readmission rates.

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