Researchers Launch Smartphone-Enabled Kidney Test for At-Home Testing

9-1-2013 6-43-11 PM

Researchers at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science announce the development of a urine albumin tester designed to help patients with kidney damage monitor their condition.

The process itself is a bit complex. Urine is placed in two disposable test tubes, one of which then has fluorescent dye added. Once the tubes are properly prepped, a controlled beam of light is projected through the two tubes and the smartphone’s camera captures a picture of the fluorescent light. The app processes the information to determine the concentration of albumin in the patients urine. The test takes approximately five minutes, the current alternative requires a patient go to the physician’s office or hospital.

UCLA is no stranger to mHealth innovations. Aydogan Ozcan, a professor at UCLA, has been leading a team committed to mHealth development for several years.

“Our lab has been working on various different micro-analysis and diagnostic platforms that are integrated with and attached to cellphones. Some other examples that we have demonstrated include cellphone-based microscopes, blood analyzers, cytometers, allergen detectors, pathogen bacteria detectors, urine sensors, and diagnostic test readers, among others.” – Aydogan Ozcan, professor of bioengineering at UCLA.

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