Rock Health Unveils Fifth Class of Startups

6-5-2013 7-23-39 PM

San Francisco-based health IT accelerator Rock Health unveils its fifth class of startups this week. The program offers $100,000 in early-stage funding in addition to mentorship and networking opportunities with executive leaders from across the healthcare industry. Competition was as fierce as it has ever been this year, with Rock Health reporting that its acceptance rate dropped to an all-time low of just three percent.

Here are the newest members of the Rock Health family:

Amplify Health. According to founder Eric Page, the key to effective healthcare is the patient-physician relationship. Amplify Health is working on a population health platform.

Anapsis. The company has no website, but Rock Health reports it is creating a “research platform and marketplace for scientific and statistical computing.”

Augmedix. This is Rock Health’s first Google Glass startup. The company promises to develop a Glass app for doctors, but gives no clues as to what the app will do. So far, a lack of details has not slowed the company as it raised $50,000 earlier this year on an campaign.

CancerIQ.  The Web-based big data engine translates unstructured clinical data into research-quality structured data for secondary use.

CRIXlabs. The company has created a predictive modeling tool that helps guide big pharma to make safer and more effective drugs.

Fluid. The company has no Web presence but is working on technology that will allow patients to quickly determine if they have the flu.

LiftLabs.  The company’s spoon stabilizer corrects for the hand tremor associated with Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor.

Sensentia. The platform being developed will streamline health administration tasks, particularly communication between providers and health insurers.

Smart Patients. The cancer and caregiver online community allows sharing of treatment plans, clinical trials, and personal experiences.

Spire. The company’s wearable tracker monitors breathing, rather than activity, and displays the information on a mobile app.

ThriveOn. This is a  mental health-focused startup. Rock Health did not provide much information on its goals, but says it will offer customized care programs to individuals.

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