Samsung Galaxy S IV mHealth Rumors

2-24-2013 10-10-08 PM

The Samsung Galaxy S IV, expected to launch on March 14, is widely considered to be the most anticipated smartphone of 2013. Following record-breaking sales of its predecessor the Galaxy S III and a lukewarm reception of Apple’s iPhone 5, the Galaxy S IV is the smartphone that technology reporters may one day look back on as the actual iPhone killer. Regardless of its overall reception, there may be good reason to start getting excited within the mHealth sphere.

According to reports leaked to a Korean technology reporter, Samsung’s medical device business unit will release an integrated home monitoring device that will capture blood pressure, O2 saturation, pulse, and possibly blood glucose. The device will push integrated clinical data to the Galaxy S IV and any associated apps.

One app expected to see early integration with the device is Samsung’s own “S Health” app, which made its market debut within the Galaxy S III. S Health allows Galaxy S III users to send some information from some medical devices to their phone via a Bluetooth connection. Galaxy S IV is expected to expand on this by delivering an end-to-end integrated solution for mobile health monitoring.

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