Samsung Partners with Cigna to Expand mHealth Platform

10-28-2013 5-09-20 PM

Samsung has announced a multi-year partnership with Cinga, the Connecticut-based health services giant, to co-develop a variety of new health and wellness features for Samsung’s mobile devices. Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile devices. The company’s mobile portfolio includes the Samsung Galaxy smartphone line, the Galaxy Note phablets, and the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Samsung has been on the leading edge of mobile health integration since its launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII last year, where it unveiled a platform of mHealth features built within the core operating system of the smartphone. The platform, called S-Health, is built around an internal sensor that allows the phone to double as an activity tracker. S-Health also delivers built in calorie counting. The platform is capable of integrating data from third-party medical devices or activity trackers to bring additional data into this new health ecosystem. Samsung even launched a supplementary bracelet word activity tracker that would keep tracking steps when users were not carrying their phones. The S-Health application acts as a repository for health data, collecting it into a single, streamlined dashboard for consumers to review and trend.

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This agreement will bring clinical expertise to Samsung to help expand the S-health platform. Initially, S-health app will begin to include user specific health tips and interesting health articles provided by Cigna. From there, developers will work to build out a platform that connects patients, caregivers, doctors, and hospitals to improve healthcare in the community.

“Cigna is committed to helping people improve their health, well-being and sense of security with fun and engaging mobile tools…By teaming up with the global leader in smart mobile devices, we are putting the power to embrace better health literally into the hands of millions of people around the world.” – Benjamin Karsch, Cigna’s Head of Digital Marketing

The news marks Cigna’s second major mHealth related partnership this month. During Health 2.0,  the company announced that it was partnering with Las Vegas-based digital startup SocialWellth. The team will work together to launch an mHealth app marketplace for consumers to safely shop for clinically validated mobile medical apps without being exposed to the snake oil promises of some mHealth developers. The apps will all be enhanced to connect directly with each Cigna customer’s profile, resulting in user-specific content being delivered to each patient without having to update preferences or fill in questionnaires.

The surge in mobile activity confirms that the company has a strong outlook on the future of mobile health and consumer demand that drives it.

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