Scanadu Launches Indiegogo Campaign, Raises $250K On First Day

5-22-2013 9-31-29 PM

Scanadu, which is developing the highly anticipated medical tricorder Scout, launches an Indiegogo campaign that brought in $250,000 in the first day versus the campaign’s goal of $100,000. The campaign offers consumers a first-edition Scout for $199 each, with estimated delivery in March 2014.

Scanadu Scout measures temperature, respiratory rate, blood oxygen, heart rate, and blood pressure. The palm-sized device is held to the temple for 10 seconds while the measurements are collected. The information is then transmitted to a smartphone app for trending and analysis.

“We are in awe at the enthusiasm the community has shown for the Scanadu Scout since the prototype was first revealed six months ago. We get calls and emails everyday from parents, researchers, students and body hackers anxious to be part of the first generation of consumers to truly understand their own health.” – Scanadu founder and CEO Walter de Brouwer

In addition to the Indiegogo campaign, Scanadu hopes to raise capital by winning the Qualcomm sponsored $10 million Tricorder X Prize. The Scanadu Scout is considered to be a strong contender in the contest.

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