Scanadu Pushes the mHealth Envelope

12-2-2012 9-15-00 PM

Scanadu, a NASA-based Silicon Valley mHealth startup, announces its first wave of consumer-based product offerings. Working under the tagline “sending your mobile phone to med school” the company hopes to fill the yet-to-be-realized market demand for home-based “auto-diagnosis” devices.

In pursuit of this goal, the company announces a family of devices that will bring basic hemodynamic and laboratory analysis into the home care arena.

The first product, Scandu SCOUT, will retail for $150 and will collect a complete set of vital signs by holding the device to the temple for 10 seconds. The results, which are sent to the patients smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, integrate with the Scanadu app to provide analysis, tracking and health recommendations.

The next two products ScanaFlo and ScanaFlu turns a smartphone into a mobile analyzer. With an over the counter disposable cartridge, the Scanadu app can collect, analyze and diagnose patients with a variety of conditions.

ScanaFlo takes the concept of a simple home pregnancy test and moves it forward by adding the ability to test for urinary tract infections, and pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and even kidney failure. ScanaFlu will assess cold-like symptoms and test saliva for Strep A, Influenza A and B, Adenovirus and RSV.

In a recent TEDTalk presentation, CEO and founder Walter De Brouwer discusses his inspiration for entering the mHealth industry, his vision of a future healthcare delivery model, and the Scanadu business he has created.

The products have yet to earn FDA approval. However, the company anticipates a 2013 release for the entire product line.

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