Raises $1.25 Million Seed Round For Virtual Visit Platform


San Francisco, Calif.-based announces that it has raised a $1.25 million seed round for a “virtual nurse” that has been programmed to monitor the condition of patients with chronic diseases by calling them to discuss health topics, and being available over the internet to answer questions 24/7.

The nurse, which the company is calling Molly, answers questions about symptoms and disease management through the face of an unconvincing avatar with a monotone, computer generated voice. Though the front end may need some work, the back-end technology is worth discussing. The company is building a platform to help reduce inbound patient calls to physician practices. It uses speech recognition and IBM’s Watson API to identify and engage with the patient, interpret their questions and then process and respond with relevant information, or connect them with a doctor through a telehealth portal if needed.

However, the virtual-doctor/patient relationship does not end when the phone hangs up. This platform is designed to track patients over time to perform outreach work and help keep them on track. It connects with the practice EHR, captures and analyzes additional data from medical devices and evaluate physical symptoms like gait through its video conference software. This information is combined to paint a more complex picture of where the patient is in the disease process and what they should be doing to stay healthy. The platform reaches out to patients to conduct disease-specific surveys, and remind them of upcoming appointments, and to take their medications. Survey responses are analyzed and combined with other data to risk stratify the patient. If the algorithms determine that the patient should be seen, an appointment can be scheduled through the same platform. is reporting some notable results from a recent pilot: a 28 percent reduction in patient calls to the office, and an impressive, albeit eyebrow-raising claim that “clinicians participating in the pilot increased their productivity by saving nearly a fifth of their time every day.”

The company was incubated at Orange SA, a French technology firm, before being spun off. Since, it has participated in two accelerators, Alchemist Accelerator and the LaunchPad Digital Health accelerator. has also taken its app on tour through the “Hackathon” circuit. The company won first place in the Novartis Mobile Health Challenge and is currently a finalist in both the Allscripts Open App Challenge and the IBM Watson Developer Challenge.

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