Simplee’s Medical Payment Manager Goes Mobile

4-15-2013 6-28-38 AM

Palo Alto, Calif.-based Simplee announces a new app that brings its approach to managing medical expenses to iOS devices. The app allows users to view medical bills, review outstanding claims and deductible coverage, and pay their bills directly from their smartphone.

Simplee launched in 2011, bringing its “medical wallet” to the market with the goal of helping patients make decisions about healthcare while at the point of service. The expansion into the mobile space is a direct reflection of this goal.

4-15-2013 6-31-18 AM

“[In most cases], you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time when you get the information. Mobile… gives you the information when it matters, when you’re standing in the doctor’s office, when you’re making decisions.” – John Adractas, Simplee’s CMO.

Simplee has raised $8 million since its launch and claims to have an active user base that accesses the platform an average 15 times per year, processing a combined total of nearly $2 billion in medical payments over the past two years.

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