Smartphones in the ED Result in Improved Throughput


Voalte, an industry-leading clinical communications company, releases a white paper today exploring the effect on of using smartphones as clinical communication devices within the ED.

The study followed two hospitals, Frisbie Memorial Hospital and Sarasota Memorial Health Care System, as they implemented texting as a means of coordinating care in the ED. The study concluded that a 33 percent reduction in process waste and a one hour and 13 minute reduction in median length of stay was seen.

“Everyone in the ED carries a smartphone, and if the multiskills tech needs a treatment room for an unstable patient, that medical service provider just sends a text message to the clinical coordinator and in seconds, as they’re transporting the patient to the back, they get a text with a room number. It’s that fast.”

The paper does not disclose the research methodologies followed in the study, and more surprisingly, fails to mention the HIPAA implications or privacy safeguards that were taken while conducting the research.

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