South Shore Hospital Goes Live With Wellframe Cardiac Rehabilitation App

3-25-2013 11-26-33 PM

Boston, MA-based healthcare startup Wellframe announces a partnership with South Shore Hospital (MA) that incorporates Wellframe’s cardiac rehabilitation app into South Shore’s post-acute care plan for patients that have suffered a cardiac event. Wellframe was founded by two Harvard trained public health experts and two MIT trained computer scientists with expertise in data mining and machine learning. Wellframe was a 2012 Rock Health graduate.

The Wellframe cardiac rehabilitation platform was developed to help support patient’s who have suffered a cardiac event and are now being prepared for discharge. These patients are instructed to make a laundry list of lifestyle changes, but are given very little in the way of day-to-day guidance once they return to their normal lives. To address this problem, Wellframe takes the cardiac rehabilitation process and breaks it down into easy to understand chunks of information that are gradually delivered to the patient over time to support the long-term adoption of these key lifestyle changes. The platform was piloted at South Shore Hospital, and has already led to increases in cardiac rehab retention, and improved compliance with post-acute care plans.

While Wellframe was founded with its sights on cardiac rehab, the company has now expanded its platform to support heart failure, COPD, hypertension, diabetes, and other conditions. CEO Jacob Sattelmair reports to HIStalk Connect that Wellframe is either already live in production or else have committed deployments for each of the new modules.

Wellframe engages with patients at a unique point in the care delivery process: just after discharge, but in between outpatient follow up appointments. As patients interact with Wellframe’s mobile platform, the startup is actively building datasets that shed light on the struggles patients commonly encounter once at home and within that key 30 day readmission window. In time, these datasets could be combined with inpatient and claims history datasets to paint a far more complete picture of care delivery and disease management. As a result Wellframe’s datasets would likely be a highly valued addition to the big data landscape and a secondary source of monetization.

As Sattlemair explains, Wellframe is working to “introduce a new, more real-time, dataset pertaining to how and what patients do between formal interaction with the healthcare system that can be combined with existing analytics to move toward a more dynamic understanding of risk, more granular segmentation, and more strategic resource allocation.”

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