StartUp Health Academy Announces Next Class for Three-Year Program

10-15-2013 10-43-25 PM

New York-based incubator StartUp Health announces the 14 companies that will make up its next class. The startups were selected from more than 1,200 applicants, resulting in an admissions rate more competitive than any Ivy League college. The program accepts digital and mobile health companies, typically ones that have already raised a seed round and are farther along than those applying to traditional accelerator programs.

Startup entrepreneurs then go through a three-year program focused on customer development and helping establish a sustainable business model. To that end, the program that provides structured business training; networking opportunities with peers and subject matter experts; and coordinated meetings with potential customers, investors, and strategic partners. The program does not provide funding. Relocation is also not required, but attendance at quarterly in-person meetings and any customer or investor meetings is expected. In return, StartUp Health Academy receives between two and 10 percent equity in the company.

StartUp Health Academy’s goal is to eventually grow to the point that it is working with 1,000 startups at a time. The program has 46 companies in its portfolio, including the 14 new startups.

The new members of StartUp Health Academy are:

@Point of Care360

Founded by the former president and CEO of MedPage Today, @Point of Care360 provides doctors and other healthcare providers with tools to better communicate with patients and improve clinical decision making.


1eq uses genome data and environmental information to create personalized, provider-curated health to-do lists based on users’ personal health goals. Users can see what activities are most important for them and can monitor success over time.


AdhereTech markets a smart pill bottle that tracks whether a patient is taking their medications as scheduled and sends reminders when doses are missed.


Cohero Health is working on asthma medication compliance by creating an inhaler connected medical device with the patient’s smartphone and the physician’s EHR. The company is focusing on the pediatric population and alludes to gamification elements in the app they are creating.


DataGenno is developing a database that combines clinical and molecular information on genetic disorders will interface this data into EHRs so that it is easily accessed and can meaningfully contribute to care plan development.


Edamam is a nutrition platform developed to help shoppers better understand the nutritional choices they are making and make eating healthier foods a simple process.

Gene by Gene

Gene by Gene is commercializing gene testing as a tool for researchers working in ancestry and genealogy.


Medicast is bringing back the house call with a platform that allows patients to call a doctor, discuss their symptoms, and then be seen by a doctor in their home within two hours. The services is only available in Miami, but will expand to New York and San Francisco.


Ondello is not a healthcare-specific startup. The company is building a secure video and teleconferencing platform that doctors can use to facilitate virtual visits.


Respondesign is commercializing a 3D motion tracking system that leverages Microsoft’s Kinect system to coach patients through physical therapy activities.


RxApps, a Rock Health graduate, is working to help patients manage chronic conditions over a mobile platform that employs text message reminders to help improve outcomes.


SenseHealth help’s dietitians, health coaches, therapists, trainers, and physicians create text message-based reminders to deliver support to clients in between appointments.


TedCas is developing touch-free gesture control solutions to let doctors interact with electronic health records in a sterile, hands-free environment.

Yingo Yango

Yingo Yango is commercializing a white-label mobile app and online platform that lets a patient work directly with their available network of professionals to organize all health and wellness content and resources concerning a particular disease into an interconnected group.

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