Startup Health Welcomes 13 New Companies To Its Incubator Program


New York-based Startup Health introduces 13 new digital health companies to its three-year incubator program. Startup Health launched in 2011 with the goal of building a portfolio of 1,000 digital health companies in its first 10 years. The new additions brings Startup Health’s portfolio to 84 digital health companies, spanning a broad range of subsectors.

Startups enrolled in Startup Health’s program forgo between two-10 percent equity, and in exchange receive three years of coaching and mentoring, as well as access to quarterly networking and education sessions. Startup Health does not invest any seed capital in its portfolio companies directly, but it reports that 43 percent of its members have raised more than $1 million in VC funding.

Here is Startup Health’s newest members:

AprilAge – AprilAge develops personalized computer models of the human face and body. It shows people their “future self” as a motivational tool for behavior change towards adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Curatio -  Curatio is building disease-specific social networks and personalized health monitoring tools to support chronic disease management.

DocEngage – DocEngage is a CRM system focused on the healthcare market. It helps care providers manage patient populations and contributes to improve patient satisfaction, increase revenue, and improve outcomes.

Fit4D – Fit4D supports population health initiatives by employing diabetes educators and performing outreach efforts on the diabetic population, assessing the reasons for poorly controlled diabetes, and motivating people to improve.

Jaystreet – Jaystreet is building a waitlist solution for providers that backfills cancelled appointments and optimizes clinic schedules automatically.

Kuveda – Kuveda is a clinical decision support system for oncologists, providing personalized cancer treatment options based on a patient’s unique molecular profile.

LifeBio – LifeBio helps people with life-threatening illnesses, those reaching end-of-life, or those with Alzheimer’s Disease create biographies with a simple app.

Meals to Heal – Meals to Heal provides premade meals tailored to meet the needs to people who suffer from conditions for which proper nutrition has been proven to improve clinical outcomes.

MedCloud WebClinic – MedCloud WebClinic is a deployable health information exchange platform designed for sharing medical images.

Medtep – Medtep is a cloud-based remote patient monitoring platform that aggregates medical data from a variety of different sources, and then alerts both the patient and the care team when a patients condition strays outside of an accepted range.

Nutrify – Nutrify aggregates nutrition guidelines and studies and then recommends recipes tailored to a users clinical conditions, health goals, allergies, medications, and weight management needs.

Personal Medicine Plus – Personal Medicine Plus is a smartphone app that integrates with Validic’s one-to-many interface engine to capture medical device data, and Apple’s HealthKit to capture consumer health app data, which it then uses to help patients, clinics, and payors monitor and control chronic diseases.

Tome – Tome is building a software platform that connects existing office furniture with backend employers’ wellness systems to and personal fitness devices to monitor how much time people are spending sitting each day.

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