Study: Telehealth Services are Clinically and Financially Effective for Treating Cardiovascular Diseases

4-28-2013 8-11-53 PM

A recent study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research evaluates the impact of supplementary telehealth services for patient with cardiovascular disease. A total of 141 cardiovascular disease patients were recruited and teleheath services were provided above and beyond the hospital’s standard of care for the patients.

The telehealth program consisted of real-time transmission of home monitoring data, such as blood pressure and blood glucose, to the care team at the hospital. The data was monitored and telephone counseling was conducted as needed. The program was overseen by a staff of full-time cardiologists and case managers.

Researchers found that the telehealth intervention significantly reduced the  admission rate and the duration of all-cause hospital stays regardless of age. Financially, telehealth services were tied to reduced overall inpatient costs, reducing the average total cost of care per month from $955 to $485.

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