Tablets Proliferating Like Rabbits, Outsell Laptops in Q4

12-30-2012 11-52-08 PM

A market analysis released by the Pew Research Center has unveiled some interesting trends about the future of mobile device adoption. One in four Americans now owns a tablet. That number is up from 10 percent last year and represents a faster growth rate than even smartphones for 2012.

The tablet, a product market introduced to consumers in 2010, has seen the fastest adoption rates of any mobile technology solution in US history.

Four years ago,laptops outsold desktop PCs for the first time, suggesting a general market swing toward leaner, more mobile computing preferences.

Now, spurred by Black Friday sales, Q4 of 2012 looks to be the first quarter in US history that tablet devices outsell laptops.

Analysts predict that 2013 will solidify this trend. While the tablet is still seen as a luxury item, the form factor is building a case for itself as the primary device of the immediate future.

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