Technology I Like – MobileDay 5/4/12

I’m a big fan of simplicity, especially when it comes to tasks that I do often. I’m also a big fan of companies that are extremely focused, have messaging I understand, and make tools that I just get. One such company that I’ve recently discovered and come to love is MobileDay.

If you’re like me and you use your smart phone as your primary phone, either because you travel a lot or just decided to unify you communication on one device, then you should check out MobileDay. It solves the ever-present problem of joining conferences from a mobile phone and having to bounce back and forth between the calendar and phone to enter conference access codes.

Basically, the app (Android and iOS) takes the call-in information and dumps it into the location field of the calendar invite. You can do this yourself for meeting invites, and I have some colleagues that do. Just add the phone number, then a comma, then the access code for the conference, then the pound key. In iOS at least, you can then click that long string in the location field and it will call the number, pause for a second after the line picks up, and enter the access code and pound key.

Even though you can do this all manually in the iOS calendar, MobileDay makes it so simple and comes with added bonuses, like a better day view than the default iOS calendar, a free conference call service, and the ability to store and use multiple outside conference call credentials if you have paid services for conference calls. You can also add conference calls, with invites, from the app.

Because the day view is better than the default iOS calendar and creating events is just as easy, I’ve taken to using it instead of the iOS calendar. Funny, but I’m gradually replacing the built-in iOS apps on my main screen with third-party apps that I’ve found to be better. Apple is probably not terribly concerned with this, as great apps and experience are exactly what will drive up Apple device sales.

MobileDay is one of those apps that I started using and thought, “Why did it take so long for somebody to do this?” I think MobileDay has big plans considering the size and makeup of the team and the investors behind it. They’ve done something I think is one of the most challenging aspects of launching a new business — focusing like a laser on one thing that pains users and getting the solution right.

Travis Good is an MD/MBA involved with health IT startups. More about me.

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