Telehealth Market Expected to Grow by 55 Percent in 2013

12-26-2012 11-12-24 PM

New market analysis published by IMS Research predicts a meteoric rise in market growth for the telehealth industry during 2013, driven predominantly by healthcare reform. 

Following a five percent growth rate for 2011 and an 18 percent growth rate for 2012, IMS Research is forecasting a 55 percent growth for telehealth in 2013. Growth, in this study, is a measurement of both device and service revenue.

In October of 2012, CMS began penalizing hospitals for readmissions. This financial catalyst is expected to push many organizations that would otherwise be telehealth bystanders into the industry as goals of keeping patients healthy post-acute care becomes a more important business metric.

If Accountable Care Organizations increase in popularity, additional demand will be seen as population health strategies solidify.

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