Telehealth Therapy Catching On With Veterans

5-15-2013 10-47-23 PM

Researchers from the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center hosted the National VA Research Week this week, during which representatives from the Charleston, SC VA Medical Center discussed innovative advancements in mental health treatment, specifically withy regard to post-traumatic stress disorder.

A key tool in the VA’s mental health outreach program is telehealth therapy. While the program is only a few years old, an equal number of PTSD-suffering veterans receive treatment via telehealth as in traditional settings.

"There are all sort of innovations happening in Charleston and nowhere else in the country. There’s no need for a person to drive all the way down to the VA if we can use the computer that they already have at their desk and have a conversation with them," – Ron Acierno, PTSD program director.

The hospital recently received additional funding to expand its mental health and PTSD research. It hopes to engage VA physicians from other time zones to offer after hours teleconferencing opportunities for patients.

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