The Seven Habits of Patient-Centric Providers

2-19-2013 7-19-30 PM

Leading up to the HIMSS “Year of Patient Engagement,” Forbes contributor and Avado CEO David Chase tackles the question of what it means to be a patient-centric provider, compiling a list of the attributes and qualities that make some physicians stand out from the rest. Not surprisingly, quite a few mHealth-related qualities are represented.

Chase calls for a move toward a centralized patient portal. As the complexity of care delivery grows, so doe sthe need for a centralized approach to the patient profile. Providing patients with a collaborative health record that compiles the care delivery of all care team members is a key component to moving forward with meaningful patient engagement.

Engaging patients will also require incorporating patient-generated data. In the exam room, physicians are taught that the interview is as important as the exam in the diagnostic process. This is equally true when patients are approached digitally. Patient-reported symptoms and data from glucometers, activity trackers, and mHealth apps should have a place in a centralized patient portal.

The Internet has been seen as an adversary of providers due to the reams of inaccurate wives’ tales that mislead patients about treatment options. The cold truth, Chase says, is that consulting the Internet as a primary resource for health information is here to stay. Physicians need to take ownership of the Internet as a medium for patient education, linking clinically reliable information for patients and contributing to the growing presence of clinically relevant material.

Cross raises an interesting question as he discusses a more engaging physician-patient relationship. When patient engagement becomes the standard of care, will health IT be ready as vendors scramble to keep up with Meaningful Use requirements and question whether it’s in their best interest to deliver an interoperable portal experience?

David Cross will speak on the subject at HIMSS13 Tuesday from 1:00 to 2:00.

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