The Basis B1 Ship Date Has Arrived

3-27-2013 11-03-26 PM

The long-awaited ship date for the Basis B1 flagship activity tracker has arrived as the company starts addressing the five-figure backlog of pre-orders that were placed in the past few months. The company recently secured $11.5 million in Series B funding, which may have contributed to the release.

The B1 is getting mixed reviews thus far. The technology that powers it is being called a revolution in the activity market space, but the overall user experience is lacking.

The B1 is the first ever activity tracker that will continually track heart rate, perspiration, and temperature through biometric monitoring. The information is collected through contact points on the back of the display.

The tracker also covers the basics such as steps taken as well as sleep monitoring – a new metric that is quickly becoming a standard within the activity tracker field. Because Basis measures changes in biometrics, users do not need to manually tell the tracker that they are going to sleep, as is the case with some competitors. Basis just knows, which is cool.

The major downside is that there is no wireless synching and there is no app. Instead, users need to sync the watch to their computer every few days to extract the data and then review that data on a website. It is tough to understand how trackers are useful if the information it is capturing is so unavailable to users in the here and now. Without near real-time wireless synching and an app to display the information, trackers seem like a cumbersome addition to health and wellness. Basis promises both shortcomings will be rectified in the coming weeks.

All in all, in an already crowded market, Basis has added another strong contender to consider before diving into the quantified self lifestyle.

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