The iPhone Hearing Aid Has Arrived

3-31-2013 8-03-29 PM

Add hearing aid to the list of medical devices that scientists have managed to replace with a mobile app. Researchers from the University of Essex, UK have unveiled the BioAid, a mobile app that has been successfully used to correct hearing loss.

The app uses the iPhones microphone and speaker or headphones to monitor the ambient environment and amplify sounds for the user. It listens for sounds that fall within the frequency band that the user is unable to hear and amplifies them accordingly. The app is also capable of quieting background noise. Frequencies are set by the user and can be adjusted at any time to fine tune performance.

3-31-2013 8-02-46 PM

Researchers say that the app could be used by patients with hearing loss intermittently, as a backup when their hearing aids are unavailable. Researchers hope that users with only mild or moderate hearing loss may be able to use the app as a way of avoiding the need for hearing aids altogether.

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