The Smartwatch May Be the Next Digital Form Factor

3-24-2013 10-45-54 PM

Pebble just got another unwelcome addition to its marketplace: Google. Following recent reports that Apple was actively working on a smartwatch, dubbed the iWatch, rumors have leaked that Google is also in pursuit of an offering in this space.

Complementing is already well publicized development of Google Glass, the addition of a smartwatch solidifies the strategic importance Google is placing on the rise of the wearables market and the importance they will hold in the future of mobile.

A Google patent application from filed in 2011 lends credibility to the rumor as it describes a “smart-watch including flip up display” in its abstract.

Rumor has the smartwatch being developed within the Android business unit, as an extension to smartphones using that operating system.

Samsung also made news recently as Mobile VP Lee Young Hee confirmed that the company was in the process of developing its own connected wristwatch.

With Google, Samsung, and Apple converging on the smartwatch form factor, the wearable marketplace is likely to get the injection it needs to move from a core user-base of fitness gurus, to adoption by the general public.

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