To Err is Human, To Calculate is Divine

Well, saving lives is divine, isn’t it? In this era of error-intolerant information technology, the Skyscape Archimedes 360° Medical Calculator represents the class of ‘medical calculators’ that are growing in use and reliability.


Skyscape, a leading mobile health information provider, has built this tool to provide “more than 200 preprogrammed formulas that include specialties such as Cardiology, Pharmacology, Hematology, FEN, Pediatrics, Pulmonary and Renal.” It’s present across multiple platforms such as the Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile and the PC.

The free version allows you to access a majority of the basic calculations, but paying $21-25 will get you access to the whole shebang of Skyscape resources. It might be useful to provide a smaller price tag for full version of the calculator only! 

The iPhone app is fairly intuitive, but could be made better. The number of free calculators in the free app is less than in the free desktop version of the tool (separate developers?) The performance of the calculators was fast and the layout of the results were consistent with expectations.

Popular medical calculators on the web include and Notable iPhone apps include MedCalc, Medical Calculator, MediMath, Mediquations, QxMD Calculate. The proliferation of specialty-specific apps such as Neph Calc, Heme Calc is also on the rise.

M is an anonymous contributor to HIStalk Mobile, focusing on new mobile applications and iPhone/iPad news.

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