Top 10 mHealth Research Papers of 2012

A recent end-of-year review compiles and presents 2012’s most significant mHealth research. The studies were predominantly systematic reviews and meta-analyses, though two were published results from randomized control trials. Most aim to substantiate the clinical value of mHealth interventions in the treatment of various diseases, though several focus on developing best practice guidelines for developing an mHealth rollout strategy.

A collective congratulations to all those working in the trenches of mHealth, from providers, to developers, to founders, to the incubators, and, most importantly, to the patients themselves for the progress measured within the studies outlined below. Here’s to an even more impressive 2013.

1. Applying a framework for assessing the health system challenges to scaling up mHealth in South Africa 

A qualitative study of community-based mHealth initiatives in South Africa, from which an acquisition and implementation framework is proposed for implementing mHealth to scale. Publication: BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making.

2. A development and evaluation process for mHealth interventions: Examples from New Zealand

Authors outline a process for the development and testing of mobile phone-based health interventions that has been implemented in several mHealth interventions developed in New Zealand. Publication: Journal of Health Communication

3. Effectiveness of mHealth behavior change communication interventions in developing countries: A systematic review of the literature

A systematic review of literature to determine how much evidence currently exists for mHealth behavior change communication interventions. Publication: Journal of Health Communication

4. Increasing physical activity with mobile devices: A meta-analysis

This study is the first to conduct a meta-analysis of research utilizing mobile devices to influence physical activity behavior. Publication: Journal of Medical Internet Research

5. The impact of mobile monitoring technologies on glycosylated hemoglobin in diabetes: A systematic review

This review aims to evaluate the evidence for the effectiveness of mhealth interventions in diabetes management on glycosylated hemoglobin. Publication: Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology.

6. Mobile phone messaging for facilitating self-management of long-term illnesses

A literary review conducted to assess the effects of mobile phone messaging applications designed to facilitate self-management of long-term illnesses, in terms of impact on health outcomes and patients’ capacity to self-manage their condition. Publication: The Cochrane Library

7. Integrating technology into standard weight loss treatment: A randomized controlled trial

A randomized control trial of dieters concludes that the addition of a personal digital assistant and telephone coaching can enhance short-term weight loss in combination with an existing weight loss care plan Publication: Archives of Internal Medicine.

8. Lessons from a community-based mHealth diabetes self-management program: “It’s not just about the cell phone.”

A failed trial of an integrated mHealth network aimed at helping patients manage diabetes results in a 50 percent drop out rate and sheds light on critical roll out and implementation mistakes . Publication: Journal of Health Communication.

9. Issues in mHealth: Findings from key informant interviews

Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 27 key informants from across the health and mHealth sectors in the United States to determine the important issues facing the implementation of mHealth from the perspective of those within the US health system. Publication: Journal of Medical Internet Research.

10. 75 FDA-cleared mobile medical apps

Research within FDA databases, looking at 501(k) clearances, reveals more than 75 regulated mHealth mobile apps. Publication: mobihealthnews

  • drdcastaneda

    Thank you so much for compiling this list. It’s led to some other great resources. Much appreciated!

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