uChek Launches Indiegogo Campaign with $42,000 Goal

5-27-2013 10-05-07 PM

UChek kicks off an Indiegogo campaign in preparation for the commercial launch of its new uChek Universal mobile-based urinalysis system. The device enhances urine dipstick analysis through the use of an accompanying mobile app. Users take a picture of the their dipstick and uChek helps interpret the results.

Early versions of the device, which has been marketed for some time, came under fire from the FDA for failing to secure proper regulatory approval before units began selling. CEO Myshkin Ingawale rebukes the claim that the company did anything wrong. He explains in a recent interview that prior to the launch of the initial version of uChek, Class 1 regulatory approval was applied fo, and approved. Post-launch, the FDA decided that because the device interprets urine dipsticks, it may require Class 2 designation, which is what prompted the infamous letter to the mobile health app maker. In the end, the FDA backed down, acknowledging that because the app did not attempt to measure either glucose or blood, it did not require Class 2 approval, and uChek was able to resume marketing.

uChek Universal, the company’s newest product version, does measure glucose, and so it will require full Class 2 clearance from the FDA, which Ingawale acknowledges the company is working on.

In the mean time, the Indiegogo campaign is moving forward slowly. One week into fundraising, only $7,000 has been raised of a $42,000 goal. At that rate, the company will not hit its minimum goal within the fundraising period. Contrast this with the record breaking Scanadu Scout campaign that recently raised $250,000 on its first day and a clear picture is painted of the seemingly hot and cold interest the general public has for mobile health technology startups.

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