UnitedHealth Partners With QualComm On Wearable Inclusive Health Plan


UnitedHealth Group has partnered with Qualcomm to create an incentive program aimed at getting subscribers to pursue more active lifestyles. Called the UnitedHealthcare Motion program, the new initiative will offer subscribers a free fitness tracker and significant financial incentives if they walk a minimum number of daily steps. The new program was announced during this years annual HIMSS conference in Las Vegas. Availability is still fairly limited at this point. Subscribers who receive their UnitedHealth insurance through an employer, and who work for a company with between 100 and 300 employees, are eligible to participate in the program. Additionally, the he program will initially be limited to subscribers from Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, and Washington, DC. UnitedHealth noted it its announcement that it intends to expand availability into new regions during 2016.

Subscribers who sign up for the program are given a Trio Motion fitness tracker designed specifically for the program. It measures not only steps taken, but also the frequency and intensity of the steps taken. This information is sent to the UnitedHealth Motion app via Qualcomm’s Life2 interface engine. Here, users can see their daily goals and how much they can earn for accomplishing each. Users will earn $1.25 per day for each day that they walk 10,000 steps. Additionally, an “intensity” goal of walking 3,000 steps within 30 minutes will earn users $1.125per day, and a “frequency” goal of being active for at least five minutes six times per day will earn users and additional $1.50 per day. In total, users that max out their potential earnings can bring in $1,460 per year. Employers also stand to benefit, earning premium savings based on the company’s overall performance.

A pilot project established to validate the program was launched earlier this year and included 12 employers and over actively participating 100,000 employees. Employers will have flexibility to customize incentive programs, but for most high deductible plans UnitedHealth will emphasize its pre-defined rewards structure.

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