University of Zurich Engineers Create Roboy, A Humanoid Robot

1-1-2013 9-13-51 PM

Researchers at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Zurich are concluding work on a tendon-driven robot with movement mimicking that of a human. The robot, dubbed Roboy, will stand 4.2 feet tall and will be programmed to complete basic household chores.

The project was crowd-funded and will showcase robotic technologies. It will be unveiled March 8.

A service robot could be programmed to tackle a wealth of service projects, but Roboy’s engineers have specifically referenced the idea that the robot could be used in healthcare to support elderly patients and extend the amount of time they are able to live independently. By helping maintain a clean house, reminding patients about medications, and monitoring for falls, a service robot could prove useful in a number of important ways.

Some may feel uncomfortable with the idea of a service robot, but previous efforts to automate general household tasks as with the Roomba vacuum cleaner have demonstrated that the public will adopt robotic technologies.

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