VA Showcases Its Telehealth Platform, Reports 80,000 Users Through 2012

7-31-2013 10-53-20 PM

The Department of Veterans Affairs reports that 200,000 remote consultations for 80,000 patients were conducted via its telehealth service in 2012. The platform was designed to extend the VA’s reach and help veterans living in remote regions access care. The remote consultations connect veterans with doctors and therapists to deliver mental health counseling and chronic disease visits.

The program has had a significant effect on both patient satisfaction and resource availability at VA medical centers. The VA says that the telehealth program has reduced veterans’ bed days by 58 percent and admissions by 38 percent.

One veteran reports that eliminating the 45-minute drive across city traffic has reduced his pre-visit stress levels and he is now getting “infinitely” more out of his therapy sessions.

In 2013, the VA was listed for the first time on the the “Most Wired” list of Hospitals & Health Networks.

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