Veritas Breaks The $1,000 Genome Sequencing Barrier


Cambridge, MA-based genetic sequencing vendor Veritas Genetics announces that it will begin sequencing patient genomes for $999, undercutting the long awaited $1,000 tipping point and offering not just test results, but also professional analysis and a video call with a genetic counselor. New originally broke that Veritas had broken the $1,000 threshold in September 2015, when it offered the service to patients enrolled in the Personal Genome Project, a Harvard University-based research study focused on precision medicine. The Personal Genome Project is run by Harvard professor and Veritas co-founder George Church. At the time, Church noted that while other vendors have reported sequencing DNA at a cost of $1,000, no vendor had found a way to sell both testing and interpretation services at that price point.

Now, Veritas is extending its offer beyond Personal Genome Project participants and allowing doctors to order genetic tests for any patient at the same price point. The company hopes that the test will replace all stand-alone genetic tests because Veritas’ test sequences the full genome, inclusive of all six billion letters in the genome. By sequencing the genome once, patients will have test results from any screening a doctor may need to run now or in the future. An algorithm will analyze each letter and highlight any medical conditions that the patient would be genetically predisposed to.

Because the test must still be ordered by a doctor, results are sent back to the ordering physician and then shared with the patient. A genetic counselor from Veritas will review the results with both the physician and the patient, and then the full test results and analysis are uploaded onto the Veritas app, where patients will have a lifetime record of the results.

Veritas will begin offering the service in April.

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