Vivify Health Raises $15 Million Series B To Scale Up Population Health Platform


Vivify Health, a population health startup from Plano, Texas, announces that it has closed a $15 million Series B round that was co-led by LabCorp and Envision Healthcare Holdings. As part of the deal, both LabCorp and Envision will send representatives to the Vivify Health board of directors. The funding brings Vivify’s total raised to just over $21 million since its 2009 launch.

Vivify markets a series of products all aimed at organizations shifting to value-based reimbursement models. The company has created a population health platform that risk-stratifies populations and engages patients with condition-specific surveys designed to track care plan adherence. The surveys are delivered through text messages, smartphone apps, and interactive auto-dialers. The platform also interfaces with medical devices to capture supplementary biometric data. The information is all evaluated by algorithms that track disease progression and risk-stratify the patient population. Video conferencing tools then connect high-risk patients with live care providers who can adjust their care plan and address any developing problems before they result in hospitalization.

Most investors participate in funding rounds because they are hoping for a dramatic payday when the company either sells or goes public, but in this case, both LabCorp and Envision have a deeper interest in Vivify’s technology. LabCorp is a laboratory services company with ambitions of expanding its own platform to support population health, data analytics, and decision support. In its press release, LabCorp CEO David King remarks that “there are significant collaborative opportunities” between the companies. Envision is a national provider organization that focuses on ambulance and post-acute care services. The company is also building a hosted remote patient monitoring service that it hopes Vivify’s more advanced technology will expedite and simplify.

In addition to $15 million in fresh capital, Vivify will be getting access to both company’s customers and opportunities to integrate with their existing services. By partnering with Envision, Vivify will be able to offer consumers not only a population health solution, but also 24-hour clinical staff that can support the customer’s population health program. LabCorp’s role in this future offering is less clear, but given its own population health ambitions, its likely that it will market the Envision/Vivify platform to its own customers, possibly adding integrated lab services data into the equation.

For now, Vivify says that the new funding will be used primarily to ramp up development efforts.

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