Weekly Recap 12/14/12

12-13-2012 11-38-10 PM

The FCC posts a job opening for a Director of Health Care Initiatives in an apparent move forward with the recently published mHealth Roadmap.


12-14-2012 12-16-46 AM

Farzad Mostashari espouses the ease of use of the recent Blue Button Mash-Up Challenge winner iBlueButton, which he says allowed him to coordinate care for his father when a medical emergency developed. The iBlueButton app allowed him to download his father’s medical summary, including years of medical history, and then provide the information to a specialist.


12-13-2012 10-54-19 PM

After years of stagnant growth,  mHeath entrepreneurs look to service providers like Verizon and AT&T to provide a path to scaled mHealth solutions. Case in point, the Wireless Access for Health initiative in the Philippines that partners local mobile phone service provider SMART Communications with Qualcomm, the regional EMR solution, and the federal government to prov6ide a national mobile health infrastructure accessible by patients, care providers, and public health workers.


12-13-2012 11-03-56 PM

A new study from the Archives of Internal Medicine finds that weight loss treatments that integrate mobile technology — such as calorie-counter apps and digital pedometers — result in an average 6.8 pounds of weight loss, 3.1 percent more than non-app supported plans.

Meaningful Use Stage 3 rules are open for comment. The proposed rules reference a requirement to provide 10 percent of patients with access to enter data into the electronic health record. The rule does not specify how the data should be collected or what data would be valuable to capture directly from a patient, but suggests collecting advance directives, patient-created health goals, or pre-visit information. It sounds like ONC is building a vastly expanded disease management infrastructure.


12-13-2012 11-10-10 PM

Nike launches an accelerator to expand its position in health apps and promote development of app integration with its Nike+ platform.

12-13-2012 11-36-23 PM

Carena launches a new service offering 24-hour-a day, on-demand telemedicine services for a $10 flat fee. The Seattle-based company provides patients the ability to connect with a a physician in less than 15 minutes. Ninety-eight percent of initial users reported that they had their issue resolved with Carena, and more than 50 percent stated that they avoided a trip to the ER.

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