Weekly Recap 7/19/13

7-14-2013 9-49-11 PM

San Francisco-based Practice Fusion, a cloud-based ambulatory EHR vendor, is rumored to be nearing the completion of a $60 million Series D investment round. The company raised a $34 million Series C round last summer on a $500 million valuation. This year’s $60 million comes on a $600 – $700 million valuation. The company has been spending money aggressively this year to maintain a Meaningful Use compliant EHR and to expand its product portfolio.

7-17-2013 10-42-37 PM

Rock Health graduate Kit Check announces a $10.4 million Series A round led by New Leaf Venture Partners. The startup is developing RFID-powered software to help hospital pharmacies inventory crash cart medication kits more quickly and efficiently.

7-15-2013 9-59-22 PM

Silicon Valley-based Comprehend has announced an $8.4 million first round led by prestigious venture firm Sequoia Capital. The startup, a 2010 Y Combinator graduate, is developing a data analysis tools to help companies working in the premarket medical device stage gather the data they need to submit for FDA approval.

7-16-2013 11-42-34 PM

Chicago-based Caremerge announces a $2.1 million Series A round led by Grazyna Kulczyk, an entrepreneur and real estate tycoon based in Poland. Caremerge is building cloud-based solutions to help physicians, nurses, and family members provide better and more coordinated care to residents of long-term care facilities.

7-18-2013 7-19-14 PM

Seamless Medical Systems is awarded a $50,000 grant from the Venture Acceleration Fund of Los Alamos National Security, LLC. The company will use the money to further develop its SNAP Practice patient engagement platform.

VA mHealth Apps Begin Pilot Testing

The Department of Veterans Affairs is piloting a new suite of mobile apps designed to engage veterans and caregivers. The first two pilots are the Family Caregiver Pilot and the Veteran Appointment Request Web App Pilot. The Family Caregiver Pilot services seriously injured Post-9/11 veterans. Caregivers of these veterans will receive a free iPad pre-loaded with a suite of apps that allow both veterans and caregivers access to diagnostic results,  treatment information, and lifestyle tips. The Veteran Appointment Request Web App Pilot will introduce functionality to request primary care and mental health appointments using web-based apps. This functionality will be made available to 600 beta-testers based at the Washington DC VA Medical Center and the VA Palo Alto Health Care System.

7-18-2013 10-07-24 PM

Tech Crunch profiles ElationEMR, a San Francisco-based startup founded by a Stanford economics professor who says she and her brother “had no prior experience building anything of the sort. And my brother happened to have a knack for design and I kind of had a bit of a knack for engineering and learning quickly to pull things together.” The EMR costs $149 per month, which includes support, e-prescribing, lab interfaces, training, and a patient portal. An ElationEMR user can see all the practices that have seen their patient. Signup for a test account is free.

7-18-2013 1-23-31 AM

Researchers with the University of California Davis Children’s Hospital publish a study that measured changes in net revenue for hospitals before and after pediatric telemedicine services were implemented. After implementation, net revenue, professional billing revenue, and market share all increased. On average, per-hospital revenue increased by $101,744 per year and professional billing revenue increased by $24,000.

7-15-2013 10-26-46 PM

The Securities and Exchange Commission voted four to one last week to repeal a longstanding law that forbids startups, venture capitalists, and hedge funds from advertising to the general public to raise funds.

It’s not all Google Glass in the computing eyewear field. Italy-based GlassUp, running its launch campaign on Indiegogo, will offer a camera-free and more stylish alternative that will cost only $399 ($299 as a Indiegogo donation, or $1,500 for 10 pairs right off the first production run.) They will also offer a prescription version for those who already wear glasses.

7-14-2013 10-19-37 PM

Steven Steinhubl, MD has been named director of the Digital Medicine program at Scripps Health, where he will work within the Scripps Translational Science Institute directed by industry figure Eric Topol, MD. Steinhubl’s role will focus on applying rigorous clinical testing and validation to mHealth technologies. He will lead a team charged with designing and executing clinical trials for mHealth technologies.

7-18-2013 9-39-14 PM

Blueprint Health announces and welcomes its next round of startups to its New York City office space. The new class is comprised of more late-stage startups than ever before, a sign that Blueprint is delivering more value than exposure to funding sources. Travis covers the startups that comprise the new class in his latest post.

Kyle discusses Google Glass’s very limited input options and how users will enter their passwords on the new platform. Developers have been experimenting with a few options, but all signs point toward the end of traditional passwords as we know them on the new wearable devices.

I was in Iowa this week talking with an internist who uses an iPad to document encounters while in the exam room. This scenario is commonly referenced by EHR skeptics who suggest that computers are coming between patients and their doctors. I asked the doctor I was with what his thoughts on the subject were and he said that its all about how you configure the computer and the exam room. He has a flat screen television on the wall visible to both him and his patient. He charts on his iPad, which displays on the television screen. He said that his patients help ensure that his documentation is accurate. He also says that having a computer in the room is a patient education goldmine. His example was that its 10x quicker and more effective for him to explain an angiogram procedure by watching a short animated patient education video together and then answering questions about it than to try and describe the procedure on his own. It was interesting to hear that simply adjusting the configuration of his exam room had altered the experience of both the doctor and the patient, resulting in a much more collaborative and positive experience for both.

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