Weekly Recap 7/26/13

7-21-2013 10-09-30 PM

Scanadu Scout’s Indiegogo campaign officially ended this Saturday, raising a record-breaking $1,665,380 from 8,000 donors. The company reports that it will begin shipping units in March 2014.

7-21-2013 9-46-03 PM

Paris, France-based Withings raises $30 million in new funding in its second investment round, led by Bpifrance. The company has raised $33.8 million since its first round of $3.8 million in 2010. Withings markets a platform of consumer health devices such as activity trackers, blood pressure monitors, and wireless scales.

7-22-2013 11-29-33 PM

Lexington, MA-based startup SynapDx raises $15.4 million in new funding. SynapDx, a diagnostics company, is developing a blood test for early detection of autism. The company is working at the intersection of big data, genomics, and informatics as it pores through data from children with autism in search of a reliable marker of the condition.

7-23-2013 10-09-05 PM

Boston, MA-based mobile health startup ZappRx is working to reinvent the checkout process at the pharmacy by borrowing inspiration from the mobile boarding passes rolled out across most airlines in the past few years. Entrepreneur Zoe Barry, formerly of athenahealth, has raised $160,000 to build a platform that connects the patient, physician, and pharmacist in a single mobile e-rx ecosystem.

7-24-2013 9-53-05 PM

New York City-based startup Oscar is looking to disrupt the insurance industry by starting a full-service health insurance company that leverages mobile health and data analytics to reinvent the consumer experience and promote transparency across the care delivery model. The startup has been operating in stealth mode for nearly two years and has already raised $40 million in funding and been granted a New York health insurance license.

7-23-2013 11-00-39 PM

Innovate Health Tech NYC, a competition created by the New York Economic Development Corporation, announces that Kinsa Health is the grand prize winner of their innovation challenge. Kinsa is an early stage NYC startup working to develop a smartphone connected thermometer. As first-place winner, Kinsa takes home a $25,000 prize.

7-22-2013 11-02-58 PM

New reports confirm that Apple is hiring health sensor experts in support of its iWatch development.  Todd Whitehurst, a former VP of product development for Senseonics, has been recruited by Apple to serve as hardware development director. Ueyn Block, an expert in medical sensors, left C8 MediSensors to join Apple as the technical lead for optical sensing. Apple has also reportedly recruited a number of scientists from AccuVein, a medical device company.

7-21-2013 7-57-19 PM

Four college students in Uganda design a smartphone app that connects to a fingertip sensor to allow instant diagnosis of malaria without repeated needle sticks.

7-24-2013 10-13-19 PM

CMS goes mobile for the first time with the release of two apps designed to help physicians and drug manufactures track and report financial ties, as required by the Open Payments program. Open Payments was passed within the Affordable Care Act and requires manufacturers to track and report any gifts or financial exchanges with doctors. The apps are essentially connected expense tracking programs designed to allow physicians and manufacturers a platform to collaboratively track these expenses.

7-25-2013 10-27-07 PM

The Wall Street Journal covers the online symptom checker market, including a website called Isabel that was able to suggest the correct diagnosis in 48 of 50 complex cases.

7-21-2013 7-33-30 PM

Microsoft writes down $900 million after its Surface RT tablet flops and the company cuts the price of the 32 GB model from $499 to $349 hoping for potential buyers who have resisted only because of price.

7-25-2013 10-44-28 PM

Children’s Health Fund launches a telemedicine-enabled mobile clinic for underserved children in Miami.

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