Weekly Recap 8/2/13

8-1-2013 9-18-22 PM

CareCloud reports that it has achieved sustained growth for 14 consecutive quarters and beaten its all-time quarterly revenue record with its latest Q2 results. The company also announced that it has closed a $20 million Series B financing round.

7-29-2013 10-05-40 PM

Just two months after announcing a $1 million debt round, Raleigh,NC-based Axial Exchangehas come to terms on a $5 million equity financing deal, according to a recent SEC filing. Axial is marketing a mobile health ecosystem designed for hospitals that the company says it can custom develop and implement within 30 days.

7-28-2013 10-58-29 PM

New York City-based non-profit Watsi raises $1.2 million in a “philanthropic” seed round. Watsi has created a crowdfunding platform that raises money for patients from third-world countries in need of medical procedures that they are unable to pay for. Watsi is a Y-Combinator startup, and contributors to the round included Y-Combinator founder Paul Graham, and Y-Combinator partner Geoff Ralston.  Funding is traditionally much more difficult to raise for a non-profit startup. In the case of Watsi, the interest has stemmed from the direct and elegant way they have applied technology to address a real need in global healthcare.

7-31-2013 9-57-42 PM

The Mayo Clinic launches an app to serve as a trustworthy source of information on pregnancy, childbirth, and infant care. Mayo Clinic representatives from obstetrics and gynecology, genetics, nutrition, midwifery, and lactation developed the content and guidance outlined in the new app. The new app is available in the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

7-30-2013 11-27-23 PM

Kai and Charles Huang, co-creators of Guitar Hero, unveil a new startup focused on promoting healthier and more physical lifestyles through gamification.

“The objective is to make them so fun that you want to come back, and you want to play them, and fitness becomes a byproduct.” – Kai Huang, CEO Blue Goji

The startup, which officially launched in 2011 but has been operating in stealth mode, is called Blue Goji.

7-29-2013 10-39-59 PM

Philippines-based startup Medifund launches a crowdfunding platform designed to pay the very reasonable tuition requirements needed to put third-world country students through medical school. The platform’s creator Jossy Onwude hopes Medifund will help increase the number of doctors in third-world countries, where there is a huge shortage of physicians.

7-30-2013 10-58-55 PM

Qualcomm Life and Palomar Health are partnering to launch an incubator dedicated to bringing Google Glass apps to market. The incubator, named Glassomics, will be headquartered from Palomar Medical Center in San Diego.

8-1-2013 10-53-56 PM

Vocera is facing a class action lawsuit alleging that during its IPO it made a series of misleading statements concerning its financial condition that caused the company’s shares to trade at an artificially inflated price.

7-31-2013 10-53-20 PM

The Department of Veterans Affairs reports that 200,000 remote consultations for 80,000 patients were conducted via its telehealth service in 2012. The VA says that the telehealth program has reduced veterans’ bed days by 58 percent and admissions by 38 percent. The platform was designed to help veterans living in remote regions connect with doctors and therapists to deliver mental health counseling and chronic disease visits.

7-28-2013 11-38-10 PM

Mobiquity, a development and consultant firm for enterprise mobile strategies, releases a new study titled “Designing an Effective Behavior-Change Platform,” in which researchers conclude that mHealth represents a scalable, cost-effective driver of behavioral change.

The study identified 17 different behavior-change methods being employed in the mHealth ecosystem, including: gamification, information/dashboards, reminders, and behavioral economics. Researchers analyze the effectiveness of these methods and combines them to create a single best-practice framework.

8-1-2013 9-55-07 PM

Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai receive a $3.7 million grant from the National Human Genome Research Institute to find out if incorporating genome data and genome-related alerts into EHRs can improve treatment of kidney disease in patients who are of African ancestry.

7-27-2013 12-34-41 PM

Researchers in China are testing an “oral sensory system” that uses a wired false tooth to identify and record activities such as speaking, eating, and coughing. It may have medical potential, such as tracking dietary habits or detecting smoking. A similar project is Tooth Tattoo, in which a sensor is tattooed into tooth enamel.

7-27-2013 12-58-07 PM

White hat hacker and medical device security expert Barnaby Jack died last Thursday in San Francisco, a week before he was to deliver a presentation, “Implantable Medical Devices: Hacking Humans” at the Black Hat security conference. He claimed he could kill a person from 30 feet away by interfering with their implanted heart device. He was 36.

Travis discusses HIPAA its effect on startups and cloud storage in healthcare, noting that Amazon, a major player in cloud-based storage solutions, has recently announced that it will start signing business associate agreements, meaning that customers will be able to license HIPAA compliant cloud storage solutions.  Kyle weighs in on the newest medical specialty of clinical informaticists and why they may or may not grow to be the most important specialty in healthcare.

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