Weekly Recap 8/23/13

Carlsbad, CA-based startup Eclipse Breast Health Technologies launches an aggressive Indiegogo campaign Tuesday in pursuit of $680,000 in seed money that will be used to ramp up manufacturing of a digital self-exam device capable of detecting breast masses at five times the sensitivity of a manual self-exam.

8-20-2013 4-39-46 PM

Teleheath software provider SnapMD raises $600,000 in a seed round led by Shea Venture and Whittier Trust.

8-20-2013 12-47-04 AM

Accelerator giant Techstars partners with digital marketing firm R/GA to design and launch a new accelerator program aimed specifically at startups working in the connected devices field. This would include wearable devices, home monitoring systems, and more.

8-17-2013 9-55-26 AM

Wake Forest Baptist Urgent Care – Clemmons goes live with UrgentQ, a “fastpass for healthcare” that lets patients choose an open visit time and receive text message updates of when to come in. It’s from Lightshed Healthcare Technologies, a new company founded by Dialog Medical Founder Mike Burke.

8-22-2013 3-02-00 PM

Allscripts announces the launch of the Allscripts App Store along with the winners of its Open App Challenge during Wednesday’s kickoff of the 2013 Allscripts Client Experience. The contest challenged developers to create a revolutionary app that integrates with the Allscripts EHR. The winning app is Healthfinch’s Refillwizard, which automates prescription renewal requests.

Via @cascadia:  Intermountain Healthcare looks at the “Personalized Patient Room,” including an in-room camera; a server to support teleconsultations by pharmacists and interpreters; and video chat for bringing in remote family members to participate in the patient’s care. They’re also considering using touchscreens instead of pillow speakers for pushing educational content, entertainment, and information in languages other than English.

8-20-2013 11-30-23 PM

Wired magazine profiles Meta, an innovative glasses-based wearables startup that is working to build true augmented reality into a commercially viable product.

8-22-2013 8-34-10 PM

AirStrip and Vivify Health will develop a remote care platform for the AT&T mHealth Platform.

Florida Legislation Tackles Telehealth Reimbursement

Florida Senator Arthenia Joyner, a Democrat from greater Tampa, introduces a bill that would mandate expanded access to telehealth services for Florida patients. The bill would require private insurers begin paying for telehealth services by 2015. The Florida Medical Association supports the bill, as they have with similar bills in the past. However, previous efforts to expand telehealth access have failed.

Patient Engagement Metrics Paint Promising Future

Forbes covers the topic of patient engagement in an article that recaps the results of some of the more promising trials from across the country in an effort to quantify and define what an effective patient engagement program looks like.

8-21-2013 9-47-39 AM

Travis discusses the common startup dilemma of defining an exit strategy when your focus is still just on planning an entry. He goes on to review the major acquisitions of the past few years and draws some conclusions about health IT exits in general. In a separate post, he analyzes acquisitions, like Medtronic’s recent $200 million acquisition of Cardiocom, to highlight where the hot areas in health IT will be over the next few years.

8-22-2013 4-03-35 PM

Kyle covers Google Glass and the affect FDA and HIPAA regulations will likely have on health IT apps being created on the new platform.

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  • 3M reports record breaking quarterly results with second quarter 2013 net sales of $7.8 billion, improving from $7.5 billion in the year-ago quarter.


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