Weekly Recap 8/9/13

8-8-2013 8-05-16 PM

LifeNexus, which offers a personalized health information smart card, raises $3.7 million from unnamed investors. Smart cards have been a solution looking for a healthcare problem for at least 20 years and almost always fail miserably, even when packaged as a hospital loyalty card.

8-6-2013 10-16-27 PM

Concierge benefits management company Maxwell Health closes a $2 million series A round led by Tribeca Venture Partners. Launched in February, the New York, NY-based startup helps employers manage employee health insurance plans and builds in a series of incentives and tool to foster improved employee health.

8-8-2013 8-58-32 PM

Healthbox unveils the first class of startups for its new Jacksonville, FL program. The program provides $50,000 in seed funding, mentorship, office space, exposure, and a package of additional benefits and perks. The startups that will be reporting to their downtown Jacksonville offices this week are:

8-7-2013 8-28-42 PM

CareSpotter is an online marketplace that connects families with local, professional caregivers. The startup also supports professional growth for caregivers by providing networking opportunities and educational resources.

8-7-2013 8-32-19 PM

eTect is a development stage company creating an innovative solution that will allow the company to sell real-time clinical trial adherence information to pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations.

8-7-2013 8-34-59 PM

mHealthCoach offers medication adherence solutions that increase compliance and result in better outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

8-7-2013 8-40-42 PM

ROBAUTO utilizes-crowd sourcing and open source development to rapidly manufacture innovations in robotics in an effort to introduce effective caregiver robots to healthcare.

8-7-2013 8-45-00 PM

Fitzeal brings ecommerce to the world of fitness shopping by delivering a searchable platform of local fitness classes, events, personal trainers, and other health experts.

8-7-2013 8-50-27 PM

ROSTR is building a mobile app that helps educate athletes on athletic development and well-being. It also provides a networking opportunity to put athletes in contact with collegiate scouts.

8-7-2013 8-54-40 PM

Yo-Fi Wellness is a corporate wellness startup developing a platform of recorded digital wellness content on yoga, fitness, nutrition, and meditation.

8-6-2013 11-28-00 PM

The Alabama Department of Public Health launches a mobile app designed to help the general public access health information. The app consolidates health related news releases, houses a library of credible information on health conditions, and provides recommendations to promote good health and disease prevention.

8-4-2013 10-36-16 PM

The University of Maryland announces the MobileHealthWare’s WoundMapPUMP is the winner of its national contest aimed at assisting nurses in documenting assessments and interventions for ulcer risk and prevention. The app helps clinicians document and assess pressure wounds, then allows them to transmit the information to fellow clinicians or the hospital’s EMR.

5-27-2013 10-05-07 PM

UChek kicks off an Indiegogo campaign in preparation for the commercial launch of its new uChek Universal mobile-based urinalysis system. The device enhances urine dipstick analysis through the use of an accompanying mobile app. Users take a picture of the their dipstick and uChek helps interpret the results.

8-5-2013 10-14-24 PM

According to a recent FCC application, Adidas is working on a new activity tracker designed to capture performance data from athletic events that includes sprint force, cut force, jump force, heart rate, and workout times.

8-4-2013 10-54-42 PM

Stanford, Conn.-based Ambio Health wins class-11 510(k) FDA approval for a series of home monitoring devices that allows patients to track weight, blood pressure, and glucose.

8-5-2013 10-51-16 PM

Findings from a small randomized control trial published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research highlight the effectiveness of self-guided, web-based therapy programs for the treatment of depression and anxiety.  Researchers found that web-based interventions alleviated depressive symptoms and had a significant positive effect on anxiety symptoms and satisfaction with life.

8-8-2013 11-53-04 PM

Epocrates releases its annual report on mobile technology in healthcare, Travis offers complete analysis of the findings, which include:

  • Smartphone usage for professional purposes was 78 percent in 2012, 86 percent in 2013, and is projected to be 94 percent in 2014.
  • Tablet usage for professional purposes was 34 percent in 2012, 53 percent in 2013, and is projected to be 85 percent in 2014.

Kyle dives into the underpinnings of Athena and Greenway’s app stores. Both company’s contracted with Mashery to help build their API’s, but the end results had some notable variances. He ends the article calling for the major acute care EHR vendors to open up their systems, singling out Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and McKesson – a great idea we can probably all get behind.

Next week I’ll be taking the family to Maine for a week of fun in the sun, campfires, lobsters and some cold drinks for me and the Mrs. I’ll keep the twitter feed pumping out the most important stories, so if you’re not following us already this is a perfect opportunity to check us out.  Drop me a line if you see something tweet worthy. Alternatively, consider signing up for news alerts and get your favorite mHealth stories delivered daily to your inbox. Thanks for reading. – Lt. Dan


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