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9-12-2013 10-26-01 PM

Two months after commercially launching its “prescription boarding pass” mHealth platform, ZappRx announces that it has raised $1 million in a Series A round led by Atlas Ventures and the Life Sciences Angel Network. The Cambridge, MA-based startup also announces the addition of Oxford Health founder Jay Silverstein, NaviNet founder and CEO Will Cowen, and Keas.com founder George Kassabgi to its advisory board.

9-7-2013 6-17-52 PM

A Business Insider article says that in 2011 insurance company Aetna offered to buy ZocDoc for more than $300 million, but ZocDoc’s founders walked away. Insiders at the company, now valued at north of $700 million, say that ZocDoc is pursuing a public offering rather than a buyout.

9-11-2013 9-12-37 PM

StartUp Health’s August funding report highlights some encouraging trends developing in digital health for 2013. The most important news from the report is that with $250 million in added funding, this year continues to outpace 2012 in funding levels. August saw 54 deals this year vs. 40 in 2012. Fitbit took the honor of top deal, raising $43 million in a Series D round led by Qualcomm Life Fund.

9-11-2013 3-52-10 PM

Asthmapolis announces a name change, hanging a new shingle under the name Propeller Health in preparation for its planned expansion into other respiratory conditions. Travis covers the news and offers his own perspective on the startup’s business model and resulting growth.

9-8-2013 4-46-21 PM

The American Diabetes Association announces a strategic partnership with Voxiva, an mHealth development company. The partnership will add Voxiva’s Care4life diabetes self-management platform to the ADA’s “Living with Type 2 Diabetes” program, a free, year-long program for patients newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

9-8-2013 4-24-52 PM

One question on the minds of many in the digital health sector now that smartwatches are officially here is how the activity tracker market will respond to the threat. Josh Flood, a researcher with with ABI research analysis, tackles that very question, concluding that companies like Sony, Samsung and Apple should be "very concerning" to the health tracking market. "It’s possible it will cannibalize the market for healthcare trackers," he says.

9-12-2013 8-43-40 PM

Apple unveils the iPhone 5S, which is getting generally positive early reviews. Read the full HIStalk Connect analysis, “Apple Comes Up Big On The iPhone 5S Unveil: What it Means for Healthcare.”


AirStrip will develop and optimize its AirStrip ONE solution for Samsung tablets running Android and Windows 8.1 operating systems, as well as Samsung convertible and all-in-one desktop and laptop PCs with touch screens.Travis interviews AirStrip CEO Alan Portela this week about the leadership role the company is taking in the mHealth sector as it develops a clinical information platform that run across all access devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Satisfying, almost unto themselves, consumer demand for convergence across devices and a singular user experience.

9-12-2013 10-22-37 PM

A Forbes article explores the market drivers that are contributing to meteoric growth in the mobile health market, citing VC and serial entrepreneur Vinod Khosla, who predicts that algorithms will one day be capable of replacing 80 percent of doctors.

InformationWeek profiles advancements that Miami Children’s Hospital is making in its telemedicine initiative. The program, which launched in 2012, has grown into a three-tiered global outreach effort overseen from a state-of-the-art $2 million telemedicine command center, bringing pediatric specialist care to patients as far away as Ecuador and the Ukraine.

9-9-2013 9-53-01 PM

A study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and published in the September issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine examines the use of social networking technology as an emerging tool for HIV prevention. Researchers concluded that use of social networking groups might offer a new, highly effective communication platform for distributing HIV specific material to at-risk populations, likely leading to a measured increase in home-based HIV testing.

9-12-2013 10-12-06 PM

The New England Journal of Medicine gets banned from posting pictures on Facebook after running a medical image of a patient with scrotal calcinosis, which Facebook found pornographic. Facebook changed its mind shortly after.

Kyle outlines the common pitfalls associated with building a healthcare tech startup, zeroing in on Silicon Valley firms whose roots are in consumer apps but whose interest inexplicably turns toward healthcare. He offers some words of caution for programmers who are interested in the market potential but don’t understanding end user needs.

The HIStalk Advisory Panel, a group of hospital CIOs, hospital CMIOs, practicing physicians, and vendor executives, weigh in on what policies, practices, and tools they are using to control the use of PHI on mobile devices and apps. If you work for a hospital or practice, you are welcome to join the panel. We at HIStalk are grateful to the HIStalk Advisory Panel members for their help in making HIStalk better.

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