Weekly Recap 9/27/13

9-23-2013 10-03-55 PM

The FDA releases its long-awaited regulatory guidelines for the mHealth app market, bringing an end to uncertainty that was credited with both stalling innovation and dampening investment activity in the mobile medical app market. The guidelines take a very hands-off approach to regulating the growing market, breaking its regulatory approach into two categories:

  • Mobile apps “intended to be used as an accessory to a regulated medical device”, or that “transform a mobile platform into a regulated medical device,” will require premarket review.
  • Mobile apps that technically meet the definition of a “device” but pose minimal risk to patients or consumers will not be regulated.

9-25-2013 9-00-12 PM

San-Diego, Calif.-based PatientSafe Solutions, a mobile point-of-care device manufacturer raises a $27 million series C round led by Merck Global Health Innovation Fund. The funding will be used to move PatientSafe’s manufacturing and global supply chain management departments to Singapore, where it will work to consolidate its overall manufacturing processes, and work to develop a presence in the Asia-Pacific healthcare market.

New York-based startup BioDigital raises a $4 million series A round, led by FirstMark Capital. BioDigital has been working for nearly a decade to build an anatomically accurate 3-D rendering of the human body with thousands of medically accurate views of body systems and disease processes. The free version has been designed to meet the needs of both patients, and medical students looking for a more engaging alternative to a traditional anatomy textbook.

9-26-2013 8-33-24 PM

Sharecare, a website founded by television’s Dr. Oz that educates patients about health and wellness,  and connects them with personalized action plans, raises an undisclosed sum from Nashville-based investment firm the Heritage Group, bringing its total funding raised to $91 million.

9-26-2013 10-14-17 PM

Mobile medication management solution provider MediSafe raises $1 million in funding, co-led by TriVentures and lool Ventures.

9-26-2013 10-13-50 PM

Online patient billing company Simplee raises $10 million in Series B funding, led by Heritage Group.

Angel Health launches an Indiegogo campaign raising funds for a health sensor bracelet that hopes to be all things for all those that love to quantify. The bracelet tracks pulse, blood oxygen level, temperature, and activity. This information is then served up through an API to any mHealth app developer that may need real time access to health metrics.

9-24-2013 9-32-02 PM

Sprint has teamed up with Techstars to launch a health IT startup accelerator in Kansas City. The Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator will recruit healthcare entrepreneurs for a March 2014 class that will last three months and will offer up to $120,000 in seed funding to chosen startups. Startups will also receive the standard accelerator benefits of local executive mentorship, networking, and office space. Applications are being accepted through December 6.

9-23-2013 9-20-36 PM

Entrepreneurs got a legislative boost today as the JOBS act lifts the 80-year ban on general solicitation. The deregulation of general solicitation means that entrepreneurs can now publically announce that they are raising money.

9-23-2013 2-22-44 AM

Moves, currently only available on iOS, announces that it will launch an Android version of its popular activity tracker app. The app uses the accelerometer in Apple devices and uses the data to replicate the functionality of a traditional activity tracker, monitoring steps taken throughout the day, as well as distance walked versus run or cycled.

9-26-2013 9-21-24 PM

Travis discusses the nature of gamification, using Stack Overflow as an example of a well designed platform that encourages participation through the use of a system of points, reputation building, and rewards. Stack Overflow has successfully implemented this model to become the end-all-be-all programming Q&A site.

I had the opportunity to attend the DoD/VA HER Integration and Interoperability Summit last week. It should have been called the Integration or Interoperability summit since the DoD spent the entire time arguing for a single integrated system, while the DoD defended its bid for a commercial EHR paired with a interface engine.

Kyle notes some compelling parallels between the healthcare market and the changing VC market, as both are looking to deploy technologies that will advance their portfolio, and position their organizations to win the hearts and minds of their key demographic.

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