Weekly Recap 9/6/13

9-3-2013 9-06-12 PM

QuantiaMD raises a $10 million Series B round led by Safeguard Scientifics and Fuse Capital. The round follows a $12 million Series A round raised in October. Quantia is building a clinical collaboration platform where physicians can securely share case details and seek second opinions from peers. The platform is free for doctors and has attracted a 200,000 physician user base.

9-5-2013 3-31-37 PM

Teladoc acquires fellow telemedicine services provider Consult A Doctor for an undisclosed amount.

9-3-2013 9-51-24 PM

WellDoc announces the expansion of its board of directors to include David Levy, MD; Terry Lierman; Donald Almeida; and Michael Greenebaum. The new strategic leadership will help WellDoc as it moves to commercialize its flagship product BlueStar, the nation’s first FDA-cleared, reimbursable, mhealth app prescribed for type 2 diabetes.

9-4-2013 9-24-44 PM

In Canada, consulting firm Kinetic Café announces a strategic partnership with fast food chain Freshii. Together, the team will launch a Toronto-based health accelerator called Fresh Start that will mentor innovative technology startups with a focus on health, fitness, or nutritious foods. Startups participating in the six-month program will receive $25,000 in cash in addition to mentorship and office space.

9-4-2013 10-09-44 PM

Qualcomm announces the launch of a new mobile component to its 2net platform. 2net is an integration platform designed to push medical device data into 3rd party solutions, such as EMRs, patient portals, and population health solutions. The new addition to the platform, called 2net Mobile, allows a patient’s smartphone to receive data from medical devices, at which point it can be integrated with mHealth apps on the phone or transmitted out to the 2net platform.

9-1-2013 6-43-11 PM

Researchers at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science announce the development of a smartphone-based urine albumin tester designed to help patients with kidney damage monitor their condition. Users urinate in a tube, add a reaction chemical, and take a picture which is analyzed for the presence of albumin.

9-5-2013 10-36-20 PM

A Mayo Clinic study finds that data from the Fitbit activity tracker can help predict the mobility of post-op patients and help clinicians customize their care plans.

Mobile health startup NeuroCoach announces the receipt of a new US patent for its mental health training app. The NeuroCoach app wirelessly synchs with a head set that records a user’s brainwave activity. The app analyzes this activity to identify the user’s most receptive state of mind. The app then delivers a personalized therapy session, similar to a traditional face-to-face session, while mental state is constantly monitored and content to support the desired behavior change is adjusted in real time based on the user’s response.

9-5-2013 10-39-45 PM

Developers at Bionym have created a bracelet that authenticates users based on the unique peaks and valleys of their heart’s rhythm. Users place their fingertip on a sensor embedded in the bracelet for a few seconds while an ECG is captured and compared to a stored version to confirm the wearer’s identity and authenticate that user to a host of devices.

Samsung unveils their first-generation smartwatch the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Rumors were spreading like wildfire in the days and weeks leading up to the unveil, many of which proved to be true. One notable surprise on unveil day was the size of the watch. Photo’s of the Galaxy Gear from early in its design were leaked over the weekend, depicting a bulky three-inch screen. The final product turned out to be a much sleeker and refined 1.6 inch model shown in the video above. It looks like a nice first attempt, the biggest drawback is that it only works with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone, and not the Galaxy S3 and S4, which are by far the more popular models. Google Glass Health IT accelerator Palomar Health jumped on the opportunity to announce the expansion of their program to include smartwatches in healthcare. Check out our smartwatch market recap for a look at what else is coming in the smartwatch sector.

Travis looks an often overlooked segment of health IT to highlight startup opportunity: home care for the elderly. He explains that the trend to age at home is growing because its more affordable and more comfortable for patients. Travis suggests that startups looking to help caregivers and patients are in a segment of health IT with some great potential for growth.

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