WellDoc To Unveil Game Changing Hypoglycemia Prediction Tool

6-16-2013 9-43-18 PM

On Thursday during the 2013 Diabetes Technology Society Meeting, WellDoc will present the results of a pilot study the company conducted to validate an exciting new predictive analytics tool that will alert patients with type 2 diabetes of oncoming hypoglycemic episodes up to 24 hours in advance, and without the use of expensive continuous glucose monitors. The new technology is being called a potential game changer in the fight against type 2 diabetes.

The pilot study tested predictive models that use data from just one blood test a day, the norm for type 2 diabetics, to predict oncoming hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia occurs when blood sugar falls dangerously low, it is one of the most dangerous and expensive diabetes complications to manage, costing an average of $10,000 per episode to treat. More than 25 million Americans have diabetes, accounting for eight percent of the population and $176 billion in annual costs.

“Avoiding hypoglycemia is a tough balancing act of keeping glucose levels low without going too low. Knowing when hypoglycemia is going to occur can help with this balancing act. In its initial testing, WellDoc’s hypoglycemia model correctly predicted hypoglycemic events using this sparse data 91 percent of the time.” -  Dr. Mansur Shomali, M.D., C.M., Medical Director at WellDoc.

The WellDoc algorithms correctly predicts oncoming hypoglycemia cases 91 percent of the time, out performing expert endocrinologists’ predictions by 42 percent. The algorithms also had consistently low false negatives and false positives. The analytical tool has been shown to be effective across a variety of patient populations, regardless of the type of diabetic medications they are taking.

Introducing a tool that would help type 2 diabetics predict hypoglycemia 24 hours prior to onset, without requiring expensive continuous glucose monitoring devices, which are rarely covered by insurance for type 2 diabetic patients, would likely lead to a reduction in the cost of care for diabetes and a real improvement in quality of life. With 24 hours notice, patients would be able to monitor glucose levels more closely and adjust as necessary to reverse the oncoming hypoglycemic episode.

The algorithms will still need to undergo additional testing, and will eventually be submitted for FDA pre-market review. Once the company receives FDA approval, the algorithms will be integrated into their flagship product Bluestar. Launched in June, Bluestar is a prescription only type 2 diabetes app that provides real-time behavioral, educational, and motivational coaching to help diabetic patients stick to their treatment plans.

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