Wellframe Launches Cardiac Rehabilitation App

3-25-2013 11-26-33 PM

Wellframe has launched a new mobile app aiming to help simplify the post-acute care lifestyle changes associated with having a heart attack.

The product was developed on the principle that discharged patients face an unacceptable level of confusion and anxiety in trying to incorporate a new diet, exercise, medication regime, and monitoring practices into a vastly new lifestyle. It breaks down cardiac rehabilitation into daily digestible chunks of information.

The app is licensed by practices or health organizations and licenses are granted to patients for use. It delivers daily to-do lists based on national standards for cardiac rehabilitation. The app aims to supplement traditional cardiac rehabilitation by allowing clinicians responsible for patient care to monitor the patient’s daily rehabilitation progress remotely.

For the app to take off, physicians will need to prescribe it to patients, a change in practice that many in the mHealth industry are cautiously waiting (or rooting) for.

Wellframe recently concluded a pilot program at Harvard-associated Brigham and Women’s Hospital and South Shore Hospital. The team got positive feedback from patients and good engagement from clinicians.

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