Wellframe Partners With Thresholds To Improve Care For Returning Veterans

3-25-2013 11-26-33 PM

Boston-based digital health startup Wellframe announces a new partnership with Thresholds, a service-based organization offering mental health recovery services in the Chicago area. While Thresholds supports a broad population of mental health patients, Wellframe will work with Thresholds on its Veterans Project, an effort focused on improving care coordination and outreach among Chicago’s veteran population.

Wellframe is a 2012 Rock Health graduate with $10 million in VC funding that is building apps for patients to simplify chronic disease management and post-acute recovery. Wellframe simplifies patient discharge instructions and ongoing disease management by sending daily checklists to users that include treatment protocols, disease education, time-sensitive medication reminders, and periodic health questionnaires from their provider. The platform tracks compliance and aggregates this information and feeds it into a back-end dashboard for case managers to monitor key populations and improve outreach efforts among high-risk patients.

Wellframe CEO Jacob Sattelmair spoke with HIStalk Connect about the upcoming project, explaining, “Wellframe is supporting general health and wellness, like nutrition and physical activity, along with habit and goal setting and coping strategies to support veterans on their path to recovery.”

For veterans, Sattelmair says, “Each day, app users will receive a health checklist on their smartphones or tablets with tasks for them to complete. In addition, app users may securely send messages with their care team so that they can ask a question or get a little extra encouragement when they need it. Daily multimedia tasks may include: health survey questions; videos of Wellframe clinical team or client staff discussing a range of educational topics related to the various weekly module topics, or demonstrating anything from breathing techniques to exercises and stretches; or medication reminders for individuals who take medications so that they never miss a dose.” The app also tracks and records physical activity through the phone’s built-in pedometer.

As users work their way through daily checklists, compliance information is captured and analyzed by back-end software that helps Wellframe clients get a top-down view of their patient population and the overall medication and care plan adherence of each user. Sattelmair explains, “Using data collected through the veterans’ smartphone, Wellframe’s analytics engine enables the case managers to determine which veterans are in the greatest need of intervention. Additionally, utilizing this data, Wellframe enables them to have more meaningful interactions with the veterans through HIPAA-compliant messaging. They can also send the veterans any relevant content they think would be helpful. Wellframe’s technology is helping the case managers to reach more patients, in a more meaningful way, more often.”

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