Withings Launches Hy-Result To Help Fight Hypertension


Withings has announced a new blood pressure monitoring feature that it will make available to users of its Withings Health Mate app. The unveil, Withings explains, was timed to coincide with the start of American Heart Month, an awareness campaign run by the Million Hearts campaign to get people talking about heart health and making healthy lifestyle choices. For its part, Withings is introducing Hy-Result, a set of features designed to help users of its Withings wireless blood pressure cuff trend and interpret their blood pressure readings. Oddly, the new set of features are not free, as many Withings blood pressure cuff owners may justifiably expect. Instead, the add on will be distributed as a $4.99 in-app purchase.

Withings says the new features are an improvement over current blood pressure tracking options because they capture multiple readings over several days and from varying times of day, and then analyzes that information alongside medication details and medical history data to determine how well blood pressure is being managed. The app then presents blood pressure results within three colored zones that help users understand their results. The app then offers best-practice recommendations for lowering blood pressure and allows users to share their results with their doctors.

While it is a compelling set of features for those managing hypertension, one would expect this level of functionality from an app that is sold as a companion to a wireless blood pressure cuff, rather than having to buy it as an add on. Withings announced broad support for Apple’s HealthKit API in early 2015, which means that blood pressure results can be exported from the Withings app and imported by any competing, third-party blood pressure app. Both the iOS and Android app stores are saturated with fitness apps that offer similar, or better, functional specifications for free.

The redeeming value that Withings brings to the table is that for customers who own multiple Withings devices, all of the information is stored centrally on the Health Mate app, which is more convenient than trending values independently in different apps.

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